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Electro festival Rajasthan 2019
Electro festival Rajasthan 2019
Magnetic Fields is a three-day festival held in a 17th century palace in the middle of the desert of Rajasthan. Now in its seventh year, it attracts nearly 5,000 world-renowned revelers and artists to Alsisar Mahal, a magnificent palace turned five-star hotel.
11 Dec 2019, 00:00 – 21 Dec 2019, 23:00
Alsisar mahal,
Alsisar, Rajasthan 331025, India
Meet The Team
Imagine three days of electro partying in a huge and splendid 17th century Rajasthani palace, the Alsisar Mahal, now home to a luxury hotel, in the heart of the Shekhawati region.
This is what Magnetic Fields offers, one of the hippest festivals in India, which loves, every year in December since 2013, the golden youth of New Delhi and Bombay, and international festival-goers, in an atmosphere very hipster. On the program: cutting-edge electro DJ sets, concerts and visual arts, but also traditional music and morning yoga sessions. As for accommodation, a tent camp is set up next to the palace.
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A festival like no other - Resident Advisor

"Magnetic fields are unique. Taking over the resplendent Alsisar Mahal hotel in the countryside of Rajasthan each December, the festival is considered the best dance music event in India, and it is certainly the only rave party I have ever experienced. in a real palace. 4000 ravers, free to wander the square, between the sunny roof to the manicured gardens and beyond, to the desert dunes, where they are housed in tidy tents, in white canvas, with beds , toilets and sinks It was serious glamping!

The audience is made up of people from all over the country, especially the cities of Mumbai and Bangalore, already well used to big parties, as well as expats from countries like Dubai and a decent number of Europeans, ranging from business man backpacking hippies ... it's a more lively mix than any average European festival and sparked a lot of interesting late night talk about what we were all doing here, drinking and dancing until dawn, right in the middle of conservative rural India.

Several artist cancellations at the start of the festival show how difficult it is to organize an event of this type in such a remote location: most artists have to travel six hours by taxi between New Delhi and the site to contributing to the festival and cancellations are not uncommon. But the organizers always have one or two good surprises to compensate and fill the absences: there is no other festival than Magnetic Fields!

There are two kinds of people:
In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.
those that await December because of Christmas & New Year,
and those that await it as the time of year when dance freaks, musical bugs, and art connoisseurs of every kind gather in the desert region of Rajasthan under the pristine, magical roof of the Magnetic Fields Festival.
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“In many ways, Magnetic Fields was exactly as I imagined… It was very trendy, with the crowd mostly made up of chic, music-loving Indians, who had traveled from the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, and a few other savvy travelers like us. The stages and site were very well done with a lot of brand and sponsor partnerships. While I understand the need for it, this is something I usually hate. However, in the decor was surprisingly discreet Each stage had a brand sponsor, Red Bull, Bira 91, Renault… but hats off to the Magnetic Fields team because it was very classy!

With its sponsors, hipster audience and the fact that the price is out of reach for most Indians (we paid the equivalent of around £ 200 for our tickets at the end of the booking; with a top tent accommodation package. elementary… (cheap by European standards but expensive in India) Magnetic fields can be considered quite elitist… However, one of the main points that struck me was how aware the festival was of its context and setting.

I felt that everything had been organized so that the modern and the historical, the global and the local could coexist harmoniously. In particular, an exhibition of photographs of “Photographing the Female” was presented around one of the swimming pools where many women from the region had participated. In addition, traditional musicians from Rajasthan performed impromptu acoustic ensembles on the rooftops and around the palace. A unique audiovisual show, "Different Trains 1947", premiered on the main stage on Sunday evening. It was produced by Indian and British artists and historians as part of the UK-India Year of Culture to celebrate 60 years of Indian independence since 1947. "

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Magnetic field festival


11 days, all inclusive

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