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Our vintages

For each of our green and black teas , we offer four cuvées which differ according to the seasons.  

The Dhu-Cha cuvée

Dhu-Cha tea is picked and produced between January and March . It is the hottest season of the year. The tea leaves , harvested during this period, are generally few in number , thick, and slow growing due to the lack of water. The tea is dried in the sun . The infusion is generally high in content, full bodied and pairs well with strong tasting spices like ginger or cardamom. The black tea of this cuvée requires a long fermentation (at least 4 days).

The Ni-Cha cuvée

Tea picked and produced between April and June . It is a very hot and little rainy season . A small amount of tea leaves is harvested during this period. They are small, very dry due to the lack of water. The tea is dried in the sun . The infusion is generally high in content, full-bodied and pairs well with strong-tasting spices such as ginger or cardamom. It is almost impossible to make black tea by hand this season. This is an ideal time for white tea and green with quick drying and minimal process.

The Anu-Cha cuvée

This tea is picked and produced between July and September . It is the monsoon period . Three months of rain and a little sun, it's Indian spring! The earth is filled with water; everything becomes green again, flowers and new leaves appear. This is the period during which tea plants regenerate after 6 to 8 months of water deprivation. The leaves grow in abundance with a profusion of buds to make white tea (silver needles). It is during this period that it is possible for us to fill the reserves. All the teas in our range: Black, Green and White are produced in large quantities. They are dried in a hot air dryer (machine dried) because of the high level of atmospheric humidity, the lack of wind and the daily absence of sun. The infusion is generally very light in content and goes well with spices and other aromatic plants such as mint , jasmine , violet , cardamom .   The tea requires at least 2 days of drying. This is an ideal time for black tea , as the lower leaves are flexible, easily rolled and ferment easily due to the high humidity.

The Jeya-Cha cuvée

This cuvée is picked and produced from October to December . This is the post-monsoon period. A contrasting season, still a little rainy, cold in the evening and very hot during the day. It is the continuity of the Indian spring which until the end of December will become more and more hot. This period produces a very fragrant tea , due to the presence of abundant water and the high heat. It is a period when we will favor the manufacture of green and black teas, dried in the sun .

If you would like more information or to receive a sample of our artisanal tea, do not hesitate to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

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