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Our green teas

At Solidestinations, our green tea is produced by hand using the two freshest leaves. These are rolled by hand without any branches . Drying differs depending on the season, which is why we offer four cuvées . Due to the concentration and purity of whole leaves, it is possible to reuse them up to seven times.

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Manufacturing processes


1. Picking

When picking, only the bud and 2 leaves (fine pluck) are removed.

The leaves are planted, maintained and picked by hand by women respecting the rules of fair trade. Everything is done to preserve the plantation by banning the use of chemicals.

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2. Cleaning

The teas are carefully washed by hand then the leaves are removed from the central branch (Stem). Each leaf is intended for a type of tea. It is the second which is used to produce green tea.

The leaves are then left to wilt overnight on palm or bamboo mats to allow them to lose water.


3. Steaming

The leaves are steamed for 10 min in simmering water and then put to wilt again on the mats.


4. Taxiing

The leaves are rolled in a bamboo basket to "skin" them, they take on the appearance of compact twigs. They are then put to dry in the sun or in a dryer on palm carpets (the whole takes half a day). The taxiing phase is one of the longest.


5. Drying

The leaves are put to dry in the sun when the season permits. The whole process is done by hand and takes longer or shorter depending on the degree of humidity or the sunshine.

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6. Sorting

The dried tea is manually passed through different sieves to separate them according to their sizes. We then obtain the whole leaves (Whole Leaf) and the powder (BOP). Our tea contains 100% pure leaves against 50% for the machine made. The tea is then stored in airtight, dated food containers.

If you would like more information or to receive a sample of our artisanal tea, do not hesitate to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

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